Eat. Love. INSPIRE.

I hadn’t even finished my first Reese’s cup from my Halloween stash, when boom. Apparently, Christmas arrived.  HEY! I’m still drinking my Pumpkin Spice Latte!


Before you start decking the halls, take a moment to be in the moment, and remember the joys of autumn. Here’s some inspiration to help you celebrate fall’s finest!


1. Pumpkin Gelato with Candied Ginger and Dark Chocolate

2. Comfortable Clothing (That’s Still Stylish)

3. LoveCompassionateLee’s reminder on Thanksgiving – remember that holiday before Christmas?

4. Citrus Cider Punch Floats (p.s. this is topped with caramel buttered pecan ice cream)

5. 50 Fun Fall Date Ideas (big fan of #14)

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

 -Jim Bishop



3 thoughts on “Eat. Love. INSPIRE.

  1. This is an awesome roundup! I can’t wait to try the citrus cider punch floats, as well as the pumpkin gelato with candied ginger and dark chocolate. I really like ideas #6 and #31 on Emily’s list of 50 Fall Date Ideas. I hope you’re enjoying a restful Sunday evening, Amanda. I appreciate your graciousness 🙂

  2. I looooove my comfy fall apparel so much most of my wardrobe is stuck in fall lol. I like #3 because thanksgiving, in my opinion, is the beginning of the joy we feel during the holiday season… Can’t skip steps. Fall dates are the best btw, you don’t have to go all out sprucing up the ambiance because fall is beautiful, smells awesome, and yields my favorite natural munchies all on its own, just find the right spot! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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