Sunshine Salmon

“Hope when you take that jump, You don’t fear the fall”


“Hope if everybody runs, You choose to stay”


“Hope when the water rises, You build a wall”

unnamed (2)

“Hope that you spend your days, But they all add up”

unnamed (3)

“And when that sun goes down, Hope you raise your cup”

unnamed (4)

“But until my moment comes, I’ll say…

I did it all. I owned every second that this world could give.”

unnamed (1)

I swear I lived…”

Description: Remember that sunshine drizzle? Well, it’s back and TOTALLY reinvented. Two tips that emerge from this recipe 1) cook your salmon on a bed of wet salt to keep it moist and 2) cook on a lower temperature than you think (200 degrees) so you slowly melt the fat instead of allowing it to ooze out (the white stuff you see).

Sunshine Salmon

1. Cook salmon filet on bed of wet salt @ 200 degrees until flaky (20-45 minutes depending on if it’s fresh or frozen)
2. While cooking, boil sunshine drizzle and spoon approximately 2 tablespoons per filet once salmon is ready.

“The only way you can know, Is give it all you have”




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