Coffee Cake Crumble Cookie F A I L



We all know it’s a fact of life. Yet, some are better equipped for it than others.


And no, I don’t mean some people fail less than others.


Danielle LaPorte’s email in my inbox this morning on the difference between being “detached” and “non-attachment” came with excellent timing as I took these  soggy, yet dry (how does that EVEN happen?), cookies/cup things out of the oven.


She writes, “Detachment is hard on your heart — and it actually creates blocks to what you want. Non-attachment, on the other hand, is actually nourishing, and much easier to put into practice.

DETACHED is rigid; a bit chilly, a tad cranky; like an uptight intellectual, cut off from his/her heart. And here’s the thing, detachment is often a cover up for fear — fear of not getting what you want. Detachment is defending itself against disappointment — which is why it’s a bit bitchy.

There’s another way of wanting that’s both rational and faith-fuelled: Non-attachment.

NON-ATTACHMENT is open and spacious. It can hold your intense longing, and it can hold possibility. Non-attachment knows that some things take time, that you have to meet the universe half way, that free will is the guiding force, and that anything is possible.

As Michael Beckwith said to me, “Detached is, ‘I’m not playing anymore. I’m taking my ball and going home.’ Whereas non-attached is ‘I’m playing full-out, but I’m not attached to an outcome.’” Ya, THAT.”


Ok, so maybe my cookie fail wasn’t necessarily guiding me to be patient for the world’s greatest coffee cake crumble cookie recipe, but it makes for a great story. And the crumbs of this story aren’t half bad either.

“It is a mistake to suppose that people succeed through success; they often succeed through failures.”

-Author Unknown



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