Cayenne Chocolate Burger Rub and Intuition

Intuition. Gut feeling. Small voice. Your body’s way of saying, “I told you so…”


Are you tuned into yours? Are you listening to it?


We all remember a time where we didn’t listen to our “gut” and were led down the wrong path. Reversely, we all also probably remember a time where we did listen to the small voice, even though it seemed crazy or was not popular among friends and family, and it turned out to be the right thing.


Dr. Deepak Chopra explains that, “a gut feeling is actually every cell in your body making a decision.”

“If you say ‘I have a gut feeling about such and such’ you’re not speaking metaphorically, you’re speaking literally. Your gut makes the same chemicals that your brain makes when it thinks.”

“Here’s the kicker: the nervous system in your gut doesn’t have the ability to doubt itself like your central nervous system does. That strong gut feeling you get is every cell in your body making a decision that is without-a-doubt right for you.” (Source)


How can we tap into this power for all of life’s decisions, big or small?


1. Do a body scan. Tight spots can be information from your intuition. Observe this information without taking any action and you may begin to learn hidden truths about yourself.

2. Create a list of times your intuition said yes and when it said no. Then, think about the physical/emotional sensations you felt before each decision. What sensations were common to all your negative experiences? What sensations were common to all your positive experiences?

3. Write a question with your dominant hand. Then switch to your non-dominant hand and allow the answer to flow out organically.


Finally, listen to your gut, and EAT THIS BURGER.

Description: Today, we are officially one week from the unofficial start of burger season. Listen here friends, if you make nothing else from this blog, make this rub. The directions are idiot proof. I originally had a tomato avocado mayo to add on top, but one taste of this burger and I couldn’t even dream of ruining it with condiments. Trust me on this one…

Cayenne Chocolate Burger Rub

(enough rub for 3-4 burgers, depending on size)


1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp ground cayenne powder


1. Thoroughly mix ingredients together.
2. Divide equally among burgers and rub into meat. Don’t hold back on the amount – be generous on both sides.

“Be jubilant, be jubilant, O my soul, For thou art alive to the whole!”

-Angela Morgan


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