Soul food.

Eat. Love. INSPIRED by soul nourishing treats…

1. Getting lost in the woods – Sunday hikes.

Soul Food 1

2. Trying new things – paddle boarding.

3. Pausing to recognize our guardian angels – furry tail and all.

Soul Food 2

4. Standing in awe of God’s crazy cool creation – for those in the Philly area, you gotta check out one of these free “Star Parties” – I snuggled up with Saturn over the weekend!

5. Upcoming Soulmates weekend – These are the most brave, brilliant and beautiful girls I’ve ever known. They each inspire me, check me and push me to raise the bar in their own unique way. Above all else, they love fiercely and unconditionally, constantly reminding me who I am – #eternallygrateful. Regardless of the geographic distance that only allows for a few precious weekends together each year, I am not only lucky to call them my best friends, but my soulmates. ♥


“Each one of us should lead a life stirring enough to start a movement.”

 -Max Lucado

Find your tribe, love them hard…




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