For the career conscious man in your life…

Say hello to Twillory

“Call it the New Retail Age. We envision a time when retail will be infused with transparency, social responsibility, and true consumer centricity. Twillory aims to be a leader in this trend by perpetuating our trifecta of manufacturing expertise + ambitious philanthropy + transformative technology.”

Twillory 1

“Let’s face it – There are shirts in your closet you don’t wear, and while clothing drop boxes are nice, they’re not always so convenient. So we figured we’d bring the drop box to you.

In your Twillory package, we have included a pre-paid mailer bag to make it easy. Replace the items you’ve purchased, with gently used garments from the back of your closet. Seal the bag and leave for your mail carrier. We will inspect, launder and repackage your donated goods for distribution to those in need.

By joining forces with a forward thinking charity, CareerGear, your re-purposed clothing will help the jobless, homeless and disaster stricken, both at home and abroad. Past seasons’ wardrobe can go a long way, because poverty knows no seasons. Cleaning your closet feels good. Filling someone else’s is great.”

Twillory 2

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy


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