Habanero Chicken Pasta

This is the second post in a 8 part series around truly enJOYing the holiday season.

Festive FUNds – Let’s be real, Christmas costs serious cash. Ball on a snow sparkle budget with these tips!

Habanero 1

Shopping – “Seek Out Discount Codes. You know how nearly every time an order is completed online there’s a little box for a discount code, in case the company is having a special offer? Sites like RetailMeNot and Honey compile these codes so that anyone can take advantage of little-known sales.”

Traveling – “Use the Right Booking Service. If air travel is unavoidable, find your flight using specialized search engines like Kayak or Bing’s Flight Search, which will even point out when it’s a good idea to wait for prices to drop. Once a deal is found, compare it against the price on the airline’s own website in case it’s cheaper (it happens). And if the vacation will involve hotels and activities, peruse the rates of tour companies like Affordable Tours, Trailfinders, or Expedia. Airline fares can get heavily discounted when they’re bundled in with accommodation, meals, and tours.”

Hosting – “Party During the Day. Who said parties have to be at night?  An awesome idea is to invite a big crew over for brunch: Pancakes and eggs are cheaper than any fancy dinner, plus mimosas are a pretty cheap way to get an afternoon buzz on.”

Cooking – “Get Acquainted With Your Crock Pot. They might seem a little expensive at first glance, but crock pots are a thrifty chef’s best friend. Not only does cooking low and slow make for incredibly rich flavors, but they’re the best way to prepare cheap pieces of meat. Brisket, bone-in beef, pork shoulder and ham hock are some of the toughest (and therefore cheapest) cuts, but slow cooking them will leave them tender, juicy, and delicious.”

Drinking – “Leave Your Wallet at Home. Before you start drinking, decide how much money you’ll spend. Leave the house with nothing but cash, some ID, and a promise not to borrow money from your buddies. It’s amazing how easy it is sticking to a budget when there’s simply no extra money to spend!”

Habanero 2

Description: You MIGHT need a cup of milk to drink with this pasta! It’s spicy, creamy, warm and comforting. Mmmm…


Habanero Chicken Pasta


1 stick butter
1/4 cup ketchup
2 tablespoons habanero hot sauce (I used Trader Joe’s)
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
Pinch of salt
2 lbs. pasta (I used whole wheat)
1 lb. skinless, cooked and chopped chicken breast
1 cup ranch


1. Over low heat, combine butter, ketchup, habanero hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and salt. Simmer approximately 20 minutes.
2. In large pot, cook pasta.
3. Add sauce, pasta, chicken and ranch dressing to low heat crock pot and allow to warm together up for at least one hour.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate:
only love can do that.”

 – MLK



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