Watermelon Mojito

It’s hot outside. Like really, really hot.


So hot, you need “something a little wet.”


Well, that just happens to be the translation of a mojito!


The basics of a mojito are white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, sparking water and mint.


I have essentially just replaced the sugar cane juice with the watermelon (high in natural sugar).


If super sweet, sugary drinks are your thing…this watermelon mojito may not be for you.


But if you’re looking for something cool, refreshing and subtly sweet – shazam. It’s peak watermelon growing season!


And the glorious colors are a bonus treat for your sipping pleasure…


Watermelon Mojito

3 cups pureed and strained watermelon
3 cups sparkling water
1 cup white rum
10 mint leaves
Juice of 2 limes
Ice cubes

1. Combine watermelon, sparkling water, rum and lime juice.
2. Mull mint leaves and add to mixture.
3. Stir and add ice cubes.
4. Garnish with lime and mint.

Tip: Allow a chance for the mixture to “rest” and let the fizz from the sparkling water settle before you taste.

“Never confuse movement with action.”

― Ernest Hemingway (His favorite drink was…a mojito)


7 thoughts on “Watermelon Mojito

  1. I am LOVING on watermelon puree in beverages. A great way to help your body absorb as much water as it can! And you know how I feel about mojitos. Chili’s is jumping on this bandwagon right now but of course with gads of sugar–so you remain the reigning champion!!

  2. Also, you got a guy for your recipe supplies?! Or any tricks? I always have ambitions of trying lots of recipes but tend to hit a financial speed bump 😦 . I suppose my taste is just too expensive…

    • Unfortunately not. I essentially just came to terms with the idea that this is my hobby, I love it and it costs money – no different than if my hobby was rock climbing. Hah…picture that one. However, at least with this hobby, it packs your lunch for the next day! 🙂

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