The “Big” Annoucement – From Webbie!

For all of you loyal viewers out there waiting for the “big announcement,” I hope I don’t disappoint after such a big build-up. But your very own, legendarily embarrassing Webbie is stepping up his game. In addition to providing you your favorite clips of Webbie making a fool of himself with food and a camera in the un-classic “From the Mouth of Webbie” short films, I will now be providing the all new “Restaurant Reviews by Webbie” series. These reviews seek only to follow Amanda’s and my mission of “Eat. Love. Inspire,” so bad restaurant experiences won’t make the cut. Please be inspired to laugh at Webbie on paper, not just on camera. The first review will be posted later this week under the “RR by Webbie” tab. So check it out!

Also, can’t get enough laughter out of your favorite “From the Mouth of Webbie” episodes? Be sure to check out our newly created Webbisode Archive where you can find all of the Webbisodes ever created – which you can count on one hand – including the latest “Mole Soccer Special”. This section of the webpage will be a reprieve for all of you manly Buoy followers from Amanda’s “girly” food blog page. It’s where a man’s man goes to collect ammo for future onslaughts of making fun of Webbie – both at work and in social settings – if a man’s man truly follows a food blog (Braxton, Patrick, Bliss and Papa Stose.. I know you’re out there). See you guys in the food cave.

I am out of shape and now out of breath but one more announcement. Most importantly, Amanda and I will now be bringing “Eat. Love. Inspire,” to life with our new “Eat. Love. Inspire. Spotlight Series.” In the Spotlight we will be highlighting the organizations that are the world’s everyday heroes; heroes that support those of us in need and that inspire the rest of us to support our communities. We ask that all of you visit the E.L.I. Spotlight page to stay abreast of the many ways you can support your communities and to eat, love, and inspire. Be sure to check out the opening act later this week.




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