RR by Webbie: Bobby’s Burger Palace

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Alright Buoys and girls, let’s keep this one punchy – just like the taste of the burgers at Bobby’s Burger Palace.  With 18+ locations, let’s hope this burger joint started by Bobby Flay continues to expand … because it’s awesome.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is the perfect place to go if you’re craving a juicy burger but want something a little different.  Let’s set the story straight, I love eating plain burgers with just cheese and ketchup or just LTM; it really gets you close to the burger to enjoy the simple taste.  That’s how I eat my Five Guys.  But I also love stacking a solid amount of toppings on the burger, particularly ones that add a spicy kick.  But you have to be careful… too many toppings or toppings with strong flavors can hide the centerpiece – the meat!  When you first walk in to Bobby’s, you wonder, “Am I going to taste the burger with the toppings he’s added?”  Then you remember it’s Bobby Flay… he knows what he is doing.

Each of his specialized burgers represents the tastes and toppings of select cities.  And they are simply delicious.  For example, the Carolina is topped with a green onion slaw, smoked American cheese, and a mustard barbeque sauce (Side note: as a North Carolina boy, I believe the best, and only true, barbeque sauce is the Eastern North Carolina vinegar-based sauce poured over pulled pork, but I have to agree with Bobby that the South Carolina mustard-base was the way to go for the burger.  I am sure he has been waiting for that ever-unimportant “Webbie Seal of Approval,” so, “It’s okay Bobby, you can rest easy now.”)  Other city classics include the Philadelphia, the Vegas, and the New Mexico, and they are all “off the charts.”  Just be sure to get them “crunchified.” It really “bumps them up to 11!”

You can also get the Palace Classic burger or the plain Crunchburger if you’re looking for simple burger Zen.  And if cow doesn’t moo-ve you, you can substitute turkey or chicken or even throw a curveball and get a non-burger sandwich.

One last note, I recommend washing down the burgers with one of Bobby’s regular or spiked milkshakes.  FYI, the pistachio is “the bomb.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Bobby knows how to make a burger
  • You can taste travel the U.S. without getting up
  • Crunchify it!

Webbie’s Wisdom (or lack thereof):

Try eating around the burger, so the perfect bite is saved for last – the middle.




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