RR by Webbie: Lemongrass Food Truck

Just kidding on wrapping up sandwich month, Buoy!  We’re back for more.  The E.L.I. spotlight was the month’s biggest exclamation point, but let’s add a couple more just for fun.

This Restaurant Review covers the Lemongrass Vietnamese food truck, one of the most popular food trucks in D.C. and home to one heck of a Banh Mi sandwich.

Although I believe a truly traditional Banh Mi is served with a pork liver pate, Lemongrass’ sliced pork is as succulent as ever and really hits a home run.  Throw the daikon radish and sliced carrots in and add Lemongrass’ tangy mayo and chili sauce, and you’ve got it made.  If you have a Chaddiction, be sure to step up the spice with some siracha.  I think it’s best to have siracha on about every other bite, just to mix it up.  Also, if you’re thinking of going lower carb, go with Lemongrass’ Banh Mi tacos.  They’re money.

I could keep droning on, but truly: Lemongrass is delicious and should be eaten immediately.  Enough said.

Lemongrass Photo 1

Photo courtesy of Facebook and Twitter

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you get the pork!
  • The traditional Banh Mi, the Banh Mi tacos, and the pork salad are all fantastic
  • Seems weird, but the daikon radishes throw off a distinct smell that at a distance is slightly off-putting, but just ignore – the taste is unrivaled
Lemongrass Photo 2

Photo courtesy of Facebook and Twitter


Webbie’s Wisdom (or lack thereof): You have to try foods from other cultures.  Otherwise, you’re just missing out.



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