RR by Webbie: Old Ebbitt Grill

Old Ebbitt Grill is my absolute favorite restaurant in DC. I can say that confidently, and unlike Mel B on America’s Got Talent where she says, “You’re my absolute favorite,” and then votes for someone else, I mean it is my absolute favorite.  Old Ebbitt has a great legacy, a fun, noisy atmosphere (its bustling all the time due to popularity), and it always has such creative combinations on the menu.  And the portions are always hardy, which is a plus.  Serving DC since 1856, Old Ebbitt is the District’s oldest bar and restaurant and has served all of the famous politicians.

I think it is best for brunch on the weekends, where it is never wrong to get an appetizer to start or even double-up with something off of the brunch and lunch menus. I promise you, if you go to Old Ebbitt and you’re hungry, you will get that sensation of wanting everything on the menu.  And the chef doesn’t help by changing the menu every so often given the seasons.  I typically over order there – I just can’t help myself.

But no matter what time you go, be prepared for the ambiance and smell to make you want to drink and order oysters on the half shell.

Here are the best things still on the menu that I have had (in no particular order and by no particular meal):

  • Fried oyster stew
  • Eggs Benedict
  • The crab cakes or crab cake sandwich (perfectly breaded with crackers and full of flavor)
  • Eggs Chesapeake (Eggs Benedict but with crab cakes instead of Canadian bacon)
  • Steak and eggs
  • The Riot Burger (dude, this thing has fried oysters and horseradish mayo on it.. and bacon.. and is suited with a sweet potato bun – I was shocked that the oysters didn’t clash with the hamburger meat; it was a riot)
  • Maine Lobster Pot Pie (everything on the menu is rich, but this is RICH)
  • The entire raw bar (great oyster selection – and all items are 50% off from 3:00-6:00 pm and late night seven days a week)


Here is what I look forward to trying:

  • The Breakfast Burrito (with ranchero style braised beef as the protein.. say what!)
  • The Breakfast Club (ham and bacon-stuffed French toast)
  • Petite Filet Bearnaise (steak sandwich topped with an egg.. nothing like taking something great and putting it into a sandwich)
  • Meatball sliders
  • Pork belly tacos

Okay, I am starving now…

Key Takeaways:

  • Serves some of the best food and has one of the best raw bars in DC
  • The brunch/lunch menu is “off the chain” (thanks Mel B)
  • I have made a pledge to literally eat everything on the menu (so I’ll see you there!)
Riot Burger

Riot Burger

Lobster Pot Pie

Lobster Pot Pie


Webbie’s Wisdom (or lack thereof):

Old Ebbitt is having another Oyster Riot on November 21-22. Tickets are on sale now. 




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