From Whole30, to WholeLife.

Special Edition Buoy…

If you follow us on instagram, you may know that we had quinoa for breakfast. If you know anything about Whole30, you know we’ve “violated” the rules and technically have to start from day one. Buzz kill.

After much discussion this weekend, we have made the conscious decision to shift the focus of our Whole30 to something we’re calling WholeLife. More than ever, we believe in the philosophy behind Whole30 – eating real food. However, the rules of the Whole30 are life restricting to the point where it sucks the joy right out of living sometimes. What is life without all American cheese on your bunless burger with family or a glass of red wine with a juicy filet at happy hour with coworkers or a surprise cake with luscious buttercream frosting from a dear friend? Folks, these small moments (although yes, don’t arguably all involve food) are called life. And we don’t want to miss out, even for 30 days.

Nothing has changed here, other than we’re not putting limitations on our life. Eating 3 processed meals a day loaded with sugar in disguise is, and always will be, the opposite of living well, but we won’t hesitate over the occasional glass of vino, the decadent square of chocolate at the end of the day or  a spoonful of peanut butter before a big workout.

WholeLife to us, means eating clean as much as possible – striving for at least 80% paleo/Whole30/clean (aka – read your labels; if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it), learning more about nutrition (dairy really should only be in moderation), becoming more educated about the supply chain of our food, working out regularly, drinking LOTS of water, and embracing all life has to offer – even the occasional pizza.

Please join us in this quest to honor our mind, body and soul through balance.

So, in conclusion…Are we quitting? Nope – we’re just getting started. Care to join?


The Flat White Espresso I enjoyed while writing this post at Starbucks…one of life’s simple joys.



“Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.”




2 thoughts on “From Whole30, to WholeLife.

  1. That’s inspirational. Maybe “the weight of authority” can get behind balanced consumption. If so, then you know you have changed the world — mine anyway.

    Thanks to you both.

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