Eat. Love. INSPIRED by Unapologetically Living

I came across DollyEssFit on Instagram and fell in love with her motivational posts (and yummy looking clean eats). She is the type of person you want to SURROUND yourself with in life…


Dolly Sengsavang

Blog Name:


“Unapologetically Living is a lifestyle blog that promotes the right that every human being is allowed to live a positive and fulfilling life without any apologies. This means living a life where you are authentically and unabashedly yourself, and proudly display your love for whatever you are passionate about….”
I first created my blog just to throw up recipes for my followers on Instagram and random thoughts I had about my fitness/weight loss journey. It eventually evolved to “unapologetically living” when I started to receive emails from women of all ages saying they were inspired by my candor to just live the life you imagine and never apologize for it. Sadly, we live in a world where bullying has become the norm, and people are afraid to authentically be themselves because of the fear of judgement. I wanted to create a positive space that showed it’s more than ok to be who you are, and it’s perfectly fine to show the world the things you love and are passionate about. My blog has become a place where I share all the things I enjoy (food, fashion and fitness) while highlighting that it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you are genuine, doing what is best for you and living a positive and fulfilling life.


My blog has been a work in progress for awhile, but I promised myself that I would make it a priority this year. I want to continue to share all the things I enjoy, but more importantly, I want to continue to spread the good message of “unapologetically living.” I will be continuing my “Thankful Thursday” series where I feature people who encompass Unapologetically Living’s mission statement. I will be sharing more recipes and workout ideas. I will also be sharing more of my personal thoughts. I think it’s so vital to share your story because you never know who you might be inspiring.

Dolly 2

Favorite Recipe:

As of right now, Cracklin’ Chicken (not pictured here) from It’s so simple, but so delicious. The saltiness and crunch of the chicken really does it for me!
Dolly 3

Favorite Quote:

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” -George Addair

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