National Hot Dog Month & THE Handshake

It’s National Hot Dog Month! Fist bump. Err, handshake?

Hot Dog 1

The handshake. So minor, yet so major. In my opinion, it won’t make a deal, but it could break a deal (so to speak). In other words, it may not necessarily be the thing that lands you the job, but it could be the thing that scratches your name off the list.  This is one part of an interview or business meeting that you don’t want to be memorable (ahem, the dead fish, hand crusher, dominator, hand hug, etc.).

Hot Dog 2

So what is THE handshake? Etiquette International says: “Keep the fingers together with the thumb up and open , slide your hand into the other person’s hand so that each person’s web of skin between thumb and forefingers touches the other’s and squeeze firmly. It should be firm, but not bone-crushing and last about 3 seconds. It may be ‘pumped’ once or twice from the elbow and is released after the shake, even if the introduction continues. ”

All Important: Include good (but not creepy) eye contact with the other person.

Hot Dog 3

And if you’re sitting, “will the real lady or gentleman, please stand up?” (Never imagined I could bring Eminem into handshake etiquette, huh?)

But really, please don’t stay seated when you receive (or give) a handshake.

Hot Dog 4

While we’re on the topic of handshakes, let’s chat  introductions, which are commonly coupled with handshakes. Now, I don’t necessarily think these rules are deal breakers, but more of a “good to know.” Etiquette Daily recommends these four basic guidelines when making introductions (especially in formal situations)…

1. A younger person is introduced to an older person. The older person’s name is stated first. (“Aunt Ruth, I want you to meet my roommate, Mimi Jackson. Mimi, this is my aunt, Mrs. Cox”)
2. A person of high rank or special prominence is named first and receives the introduction. The lesser rank is introduced to them. (“Bishop Gordon, may I present my husband John?”)
3. When introducing family members to others, the other person’s name is generally said first if the people being introduced are of roughly the same age and rank.
4. Traditionally in social situations, men are introduced to women.

Hot Dog 5

Phew – let’s shake on the above and have a hot dog.

Hot Dog 6

Description: A hot dog is basically a blank canvas of meaty goodness. Read below how I showed love to the hot dog and the three cities I call home.

National Hot Dog Month

“No Names” Happy Valley Dog – In honor of Penn State’s recent decision to once again remove names from their football jerseys, this dog has “No Names. All Game.” Oh, and best enjoyed with a cold, college budget brew.

Topped with:
-Horsey Sauce
-Crushed blue corn chips

Red, White and Blue DC Dog – This patriotic dog pays tribute to the Red, White and Blue AND the DMV. Virginia REDskin peanuts, DC WHITE tartar sauce and Maryland BLUE crab.  (Ok, so DC is technically not known for their tartar sauce, but they aren’t actually known for any particular food. Result of taxation without representation? Hmm…)

Topped with:
-Tartar Sauce
-Blue crab meat
-Redskin peanuts (chopped)

Philly Cheesesteak Dog – What else, right? This dog will “rocky” you to the top of the art museum steps!

Topped with:
-Grilled steak
-Peppers and onions
-Cheese Whiz (wit wiz!)


“When you walk in purpose, you collide with destiny.”

-Ralph Buchanan

Hot Dog 7


2 thoughts on “National Hot Dog Month & THE Handshake

  1. National Hot Dog Month?! I had no idea! 🙂 These look like fun! I’m going to be making Colombian Hot Dogs this week, so I’ll try to remember to take a picture.

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