THAT’S the Ticket!

Who hasn’t felt the frustration of coming out to their parallel parked car only to find…a parking ticket. Well, this story may just turn that frown upside down.

Parking Ticket

Cities like Stillwater, MN, Lexington, KY, Newark, DE and Birmingham, AL are allowing people to pay their pesky parking tickets with food for the hungry. This has already made a big impact – Birmingham, AL recently rounded up 22,580 cans in just two months!

Food and Wine even featured an article on the idea where they joked, “While 10 cans of Campbell’s Soup seems like a fair penalty for double parking, may we suggest a stiffer penalty—say, a Harry & David gourmet gift basket—for solo drivers in carpool lanes?”

Jokes aside, it’s food for positive thought next time you see a ticket flapping in the wind on your windshield…

“From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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