Eat. Love. INSPIRED by Oktoberfest…

1. Beer Brats from Eat, Live, Run

Oktoberfest 1

2. Oktoberfest Fashion Guide from Kristin Hesse

Oktoberfest 2

3. Bavarian Pretzels from Momtastic Food

Oktoberfest 3

4. Oktoberfest Décor from Prepping Parties

Oktoberfest 4

5. German Potato Salad from Oh Sweet Basil

Oktoberfest 5

6. And of course, The Great Oktoberfest Beer Guide from Paste Magazine

Oktoberfest 5

“The three B’s—beef, beer, and bread, form a complete and perfect diet, at once strengthening, sustaining, and stimulating.”

-Charles Hyatt-Woolf, Food Frauds and Foods that Feed: Being an Exposure of Some Commercial Shams, and Some Advice on What to Eat, 1897

P.S. It’s fall ya’all! Buoy will be on fall break next week…


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