RR by Webbie: Ristorante Piccolo


Ristorante Piccolo … where to begin. Great food, fabulous ambiance, outside seating for the lucky few, all topped off with strolling serenades by Jim, the violinist. I know I typically go into more detail about the restaurant but this is one of those places where you just need to go and try it for yourself!
They have a full menu of meat, seafood, and pasta and typically add on about 8-10 specials across the board. The best dish I have had there is the Pollo Farcito but that is just a personal opinion. Great wine selection from Italy as well, with a number from Tuscany and at least one or two from Montalcino.
Just go!

Key Takeaways:
• Everything I have ever ordered has been delicious
• The Pollo Farcito is my favorite dish
• Jim, the violinist, is a sweet man full of stories and wonderful music – get to know him


Webbie’s Wisdom (or lack thereof): Which do you pick: the same thing you always get or something new? The best restaurants always put you in that bind.




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