Eat. LOVE. Inspire

You’ve all seen it. Walk into the grocery store and see a girl scout, boy scout, church group, non profit, etc. table asking for donations. My first thought, GREAT! It couldn’t be easier…ask what they need, add it to my {handwritten, yes handwritten} list, purchase the items and give back to the group on the way to my car. I recently had this experience, bought various toiletry items, and as I’m checking out – I see the group leaving. Womp, womp. Come back! Too late.

So, and I am by no means discouraging the above strategy, I recently came across an even EASIER way to giving back at the grocery store.


For $10.00, buy this box at any participating Giant grocery store, and they will donate it to a hunger relief organization in your community.


It couldn’t be easier!

“Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. “

-Vincent McNabb


P.S. Happy National Cheeseburger Day. Go make one of these!



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