Wednesdays with Webbie: Buoyant Whole Food 30 – Week Two

Week 2 of the Whole 30 program has kicked off… and, honestly, it’s been a little anti-climactic – which I am happy about. No headaches. No withdrawal symptoms. No “kill all the things” day(s). One frustrating thing, though, has been all of the prep required to cook three meals a day and then to wash all the dishes afterward. However, I won’t complain about that as I know Amanda has been saying the same thing the last few days. So, instead, I’ll add just one more complaint. Ha!

One of the hardest things about the diet is how it restricts your ability to see friends and go out to social gatherings. It can totally prevent you from living a normal life. So I will be grateful at the end of this program when I can take all of the good things learned (best foods to eat, how to cook healthy on a daily basis, etc.) and combine it with living normally (a.k.a. having the occasional drink, the occasional dinner out, and the occasional pizza, of course!) Darn, I’m craving pizza again.

But all-in-all, I feel very good and very healthy as I combine this diet with a strict workout regimen. I’m glad I’m following through with it, and I think you would too.

Webbie’s Wisdom (or lack thereof):

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”

– Henry Rollins

“I think of dieting, then I eat pizza.”

– Lara Stone



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